Garry’s Mod PropHunt – Hide & Seek: A Brief Review

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Developed by Facepunch studios, Garry’s Mod is named after its creator Garry Newman. It is one of the first community-driven games which lets PC gamers to play with tools they want.

Prop Hunt which is more of a modified game version of “hide and seek” is one of the most popular Garry’s Mod game modes. In this mode, the prop disguises objects on a map making them blendable to the environment. You either play as the hunters or the props. The hunter’s objective is to hunt the props and kill them. The hunters win the round when all props are killed, whereas, the props win when time runs out or all Hunters die.

Prop Hunt is a downloadable game-mode available through the Steam Workshop.

Hunter and the Hunted: An Overview

Two teams take on each other on the battlefield; the Red team and the Blue team. The Red team chooses a prop from a wide variety. They try to blend in the environment to hide from the blue team. The Blue team, on the other hand, is fully armed and focused on seeking and destroying the red team disguised as props.

The wide availability of props and maps is a perk you get due to other source games running on the game engine such as Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game starts fresh after the completion of each round.

Props are All Around You

Garry’s Mod – PropHunt Hide n Seek is originally based on Garry’s Mod. This implies that it automatically covers all the options of Garry’s Mod such as creating custom tools and utilizing assets from any source game. This gives players a lot of flexibility to create and enjoy amazing situations.

The “prop” that the red team uses as a disguise can be selected from any game run on the server.  The PropHunt also works on many of the Garry’s Mod extensions.

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Garry’s Mod – PropHunt Hide ‘n’ Seek – Original is worth playing for all Gmod fans. It provides a similar gameplay for anyone familiar with the Source game, but in a less fun, violent and wacky manner. You may experience a few glitches around the edges and you should know that this mode was developed independently

Half-Life 2 & Team Fortress 2: Invasion on GMOD

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Half-Life 2: Campaign & Team Fortress 2: Invasion are two of the most popular games you can play on GMod. Here is a brief overview of both:

Half-Life 2: Campaign

Half-Life 2: Campaign is a Garry’s Mod game mode that lets you play without getting the sandbox and weaponry. You can also play it with your friends. Half-Life 2: Campaign does not offer sandbox features neither does it include maps from Half-Life 2.

Team Fortress 2: Invasion

Team Fortress 2: Invasion is a cancelled TF2 version which was in development between 2001 and 2002. It has undergone various design modes from Humans vs Aliens to the War of the Worlds. However, this was not publically revealed. Its gameplay is different from any TF2 game. The objective is to get more resources before a round ends. Resources are used to build objects for your team. Spawn vehicles such as Motorcycles, Wagons, Battering ram, Siege tower, alien-exclusive tripods referred as striders or walkers at the vehicle bay!

The buildable objects include Sentry guns, Powerpack, Buff Station, Healing Station, Spawn Station, and the Resource Pump. The Powerpack was used as a power source for objects and could power up to four objects at once. You can also build objects such as sentry guns, buff station and resource pumps. The Powerpack is used to power four objects at once. You can also seize control zones within a map which would become your territory to use and build in. The game also features environmental hazards such as Meteors striking a map, lasers and rockfalls. Every round is separated in 3 acts based on the time set according to the game’s map.

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Garry’s Mod Game Modes Overview

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Garry’s Mod offers multiple game modes from roleplay (RP), creative construction to deathmatch setting. Here is an overview of some of the popular GMod game modes.


The Roleplay game mode encourages players to play a certain role within a certain environment. It requires a serious gameplay such as playing: a part in the military in a war environment, an oppressed citizen or even as a fictional character in a universe. Other roles are light in nature and do not feature a fixed setting or a character’s role.


DarkRP was created as a modified version of LightRP. Its development team changed hands a few times until Falco took matters in control. This game mode does not require a serious role. It is about players building large bases for protecting themselves and the different entities to make money. The game characters also have the means to break into homes and buildings of other players to steal or destroy important assets. You can take on a number of roles such as gangsters, gun dealers, and citizens. This is currently one of the most popular game modes of Garry’s Mode.

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PoliceRP is a slight modification of the light DarkRP game mode. It is all about police, governments, and criminals. It features both serious and non-serious game modes letting you build large buildings and entities to not only protect yourself but to also generate money.

The game mode is about police finding and taking down criminals. It features characters as gangsters, police, citizens, and gun merchants. PoliceRP is Garry’s Mode most uprising game mode.


Military RP is a serious roleplay game mode which allows you take on military roles. Just like in a real life situation, this roleplay comes with an extensive set of rules. You obey a player’s orders with a higher rank to match military hierarchy.

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Garry’s Mod: Virtual Worlds and Environments

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Garry’s Mod (Gmod) is a famous online game source engine which lets you change and create game items and virtual world environments in all the games that run on its source engine. Some of the popular game examples include Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Counter-Strike.

Gmod is compatible with Lua scripting language. Some of the tools you can create with it include weapons, entities, maps and game modes.

Sandbox Focus

Garry’s mod not only focuses on the sandbox aspect but also features various user-generated game-modes. There are a number of tools available including the strong physical gun which helps people to pick, throw, rotate and freeze game’s objects as per their choice.  The tool gun is one of the game’s main objects offering a number of utilities and options allowing for advanced constructions.

The tools also include: a rope connecting two objects, a winch creating a rope that can be made longer or shorter, no collide to make two props not collide with each other, physical properties for changing any entity, a camera for focus, a color tool for changing the color of objects, a face-posing tool to change the ragdolls facial expressions and much more, among many other wonderful options available in the game.

User Content

The game’s default features offer enough content to keep typical players interested and entertained for hours. Gmod also has a wide variety of user-generated tools such as weapons, maps and game modes for every player. The content is available for download from You can also directly download the tools from the in-game interface. All these community-generated instances bring a great value to the game’s overall entertainment value.

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