Garry’s Mod PropHunt – Hide & Seek: A Brief Review

Developed by Facepunch studios, Garry’s Mod is named after its creator Garry Newman. It is one of the first community-driven games which lets PC gamers to play with tools they want. Prop Hunt which is more of a modified game version of “hide and seek” is one of the most popular Garry’s Mod game modes. […]

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Half-Life 2 & Team Fortress 2: Invasion on GMOD

Half-Life 2: Campaign & Team Fortress 2: Invasion are two of the most popular games you can play on GMod. Here is a brief overview of both: Half-Life 2: Campaign Half-Life 2: Campaign is a Garry’s Mod game mode that lets you play without getting the sandbox and weaponry. You can also play it with […]

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Garry’s Mod Game Modes Overview

Garry’s Mod offers multiple game modes from roleplay (RP), creative construction to deathmatch setting. Here is an overview of some of the popular GMod game modes. RolePlay The Roleplay game mode encourages players to play a certain role within a certain environment. It requires a serious gameplay such as playing: a part in the military […]

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Garry’s Mod: Virtual Worlds and Environments

Garry’s Mod (Gmod) is a famous online game source engine which lets you change and create game items and virtual world environments in all the games that run on its source engine. Some of the popular game examples include Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Counter-Strike. Gmod is compatible with Lua scripting language. Some of […]

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