Garry’s Mod Game Modes Overview

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Garry’s Mod offers multiple game modes from roleplay (RP), creative construction to deathmatch setting. Here is an overview of some of the popular GMod game modes.


The Roleplay game mode encourages players to play a certain role within a certain environment. It requires a serious gameplay such as playing: a part in the military in a war environment, an oppressed citizen or even as a fictional character in a universe. Other roles are light in nature and do not feature a fixed setting or a character’s role.


DarkRP was created as a modified version of LightRP. Its development team changed hands a few times until Falco took matters in control. This game mode does not require a serious role. It is about players building large bases for protecting themselves and the different entities to make money. The game characters also have the means to break into homes and buildings of other players to steal or destroy important assets. You can take on a number of roles such as gangsters, gun dealers, and citizens. This is currently one of the most popular game modes of Garry’s Mode.

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PoliceRP is a slight modification of the light DarkRP game mode. It is all about police, governments, and criminals. It features both serious and non-serious game modes letting you build large buildings and entities to not only protect yourself but to also generate money.

The game mode is about police finding and taking down criminals. It features characters as gangsters, police, citizens, and gun merchants. PoliceRP is Garry’s Mode most uprising game mode.


Military RP is a serious roleplay game mode which allows you take on military roles. Just like in a real life situation, this roleplay comes with an extensive set of rules. You obey a player’s orders with a higher rank to match military hierarchy.

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