Garry’s Mod: Virtual Worlds and Environments

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Garry’s Mod (Gmod) is a famous online game source engine which lets you change and create game items and virtual world environments in all the games that run on its source engine. Some of the popular game examples include Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Counter-Strike.

Gmod is compatible with Lua scripting language. Some of the tools you can create with it include weapons, entities, maps and game modes.

Sandbox Focus

Garry’s mod not only focuses on the sandbox aspect but also features various user-generated game-modes. There are a number of tools available including the strong physical gun which helps people to pick, throw, rotate and freeze game’s objects as per their choice.  The tool gun is one of the game’s main objects offering a number of utilities and options allowing for advanced constructions.

The tools also include: a rope connecting two objects, a winch creating a rope that can be made longer or shorter, no collide to make two props not collide with each other, physical properties for changing any entity, a camera for focus, a color tool for changing the color of objects, a face-posing tool to change the ragdolls facial expressions and much more, among many other wonderful options available in the game.

User Content

The game’s default features offer enough content to keep typical players interested and entertained for hours. Gmod also has a wide variety of user-generated tools such as weapons, maps and game modes for every player. The content is available for download from You can also directly download the tools from the in-game interface. All these community-generated instances bring a great value to the game’s overall entertainment value.

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