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Developed by Facepunch studios, Garry’s Mod is named after its creator Garry Newman. It is one of the first community-driven games which lets PC gamers to play with tools they want.

Prop Hunt which is more of a modified game version of “hide and seek” is one of the most popular Garry’s Mod game modes. In this mode, the prop disguises objects on a map making them blendable to the environment. You either play as the hunters or the props. The hunter’s objective is to hunt the props and kill them. The hunters win the round when all props are killed, whereas, the props win when time runs out or all Hunters die.

Prop Hunt is a downloadable game-mode available through the Steam Workshop.

Hunter and the Hunted: An Overview

Two teams take on each other on the battlefield; the Red team and the Blue team. The Red team chooses a prop from a wide variety. They try to blend in the environment to hide from the blue team. The Blue team, on the other hand, is fully armed and focused on seeking and destroying the red team disguised as props.

The wide availability of props and maps is a perk you get due to other source games running on the game engine such as Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game starts fresh after the completion of each round.

Props are All Around You

Garry’s Mod – PropHunt Hide n Seek is originally based on Garry’s Mod. This implies that it automatically covers all the options of Garry’s Mod such as creating custom tools and utilizing assets from any source game. This gives players a lot of flexibility to create and enjoy amazing situations.

The “prop” that the red team uses as a disguise can be selected from any game run on the server.  The PropHunt also works on many of the Garry’s Mod extensions.

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Garry’s Mod – PropHunt Hide ‘n’ Seek – Original is worth playing for all Gmod fans. It provides a similar gameplay for anyone familiar with the Source game, but in a less fun, violent and wacky manner. You may experience a few glitches around the edges and you should know that this mode was developed independently