Trouble in Terrorist Town: An Overview

Trouble in Terrorist Town is a Garry’s Mod game mode built by a user named Bad King Urgrain who is also the developer of Half-Life 2 modification Zombie Master. It runs on Lua programming language and takes its content from Counter-Strike: Source.

Trouble in Terrorist Town, as the name suggests, focuses on a group of “terrorists” among whom there are traitors working for an external agency. The traitor’s job is to capture and kill everyone who is not a traitor.

A few players are selected as traitors to kill Innocent players. The innocents are in majority, however, they are unknown to the facts of traitors. The traitors need to plan and use an element of surprise combined with special equipment to kill as many innocent people as possible. On the other end, the Innocents have to survive and find out about the traitors to kill them before they get killed by them. This game mode promises a lot of action with every character coming out holding a big weapon and looking mistrustful.

The Innocent can rely on their knowledge such as linking the evidence found on dead bodies with the right killer etc.

How Does it Play? 

The best way to get around this game mode is to play it or watch playlists of others. The gameplay would depend on the server you play it on. This makes borrowing weapons and additional items from other games on the server possible.

Steps to Play: 

  1. Install Garry’s Mod (GMod) on Steam
  2. Install Counter-Strike: Source
  3. Join a Terrorists in Town Server

Where Can I Get It?

You do not need anything extra to play Terrorists in Town. As stated above, if you have a GMod and CS:S running, then that is all you need to play it. If you want to host a Terrorist in Town server, or a mapper making a TTP map, you do not need to install anything, since TTT comes preinstalled with GMod.

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